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about us picFounded in 1998, SYTO-BENIN is a Non-profit organization registered on 29/05/1998 at receipt No. MISAT / DC / SG / DAI / SAAP-ASSOC according to current laws in Benin. It is located in Cotonou, Zogbohouè area on the paved road 2651 behind the stadium of friendship; C / lot 2011A Building green plaid; 2nd floor; office on the right.

Our main areas of intervention are: reception, orientation and placement of international volunteers, educational and intercultural exchange programs, academic placement in schools and universities abroad, promotion and issuance of International Student Identity Card (ISIC), voluntary service, perpetual sourcing of funding for construction of social infrastructure, orphan children sponsorship or kids with difficult situation.

It has 7 employees and is female-dominated comprised of a President, an Executive Director, three Program Managers, a Secretary Cashier and an Accountant.

SYTO-BENIN is currently active in 13 local communities. In every community there is a representative living there and conducting its own activities. Its role is to select host families, quite open-mindedly and work projects ready to share experiences with volunteers. It serves as a relay for the activities of SYTO and facilitates the integration of volunteers in the community.

To better explore the country, SYTO organizes educational and cultural tourist trips to the historic cities of the south.

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