Benin boasts of various cultural heritage and tourist attractions which causes a great influx of tourists and visitors from all over the world. With a variety of culture and traditions a lot of excitement is brought to the heart of these volunteers who get to experience the real Bénin.

Benin has many rich and varied tourist attractions over the whole of its territory, some of these tourist sites are

  • Falls Kota and Tanougou waterfalls
  • Pendjari national park
  • Miniature castles in Tata somba
  • The historical and ethnographic museums of Abomey, Ouida and Porto-Novo
  • Lake villages on stilts and particularly that of Ganvie
  • The coconut sandy beaches
  • Housing gripping the bare slopes of the hills of Dassa-Zoumé and Savè etc.

This immense heritage has specifics from one department to another. To enable volunteers to better discover and enjoy the enormous tourism potential of Bénin, a number of circuits have been developed and SYTO BENIN is delighted to discover these places  for volunteers.

Note that the Beninese tourism today has two new phenomena: Ethno-tourism and Eco-tourism.

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