Travel and Tourism

We help our volunteers to discover the various tourist attractions that abound in Benin by visits and organization of camps or excursions for youth or seniors of 50 years and older.

To make more enriching the stay of our volunteers, we integrate their stay program with sightseeing tours in southern Benin to places like the lakeside village of Ganvie, cultural city of Ouidah, a history museum, temple of pythons and the Slave Route, the thousand beaches of Grand Popo, the historic city of Abomey, museum and its market and the second largest city of Benin, Porto Novo, the political capital.

The tourist trail north is also open to volunteers as an option.

Chutte de Tanougou Excursion à Ouidah Educ-O-Monde 2009 (8) Excursion à Ouidah Educ-O-Monde 2009 (9)